Japanese DH Action

Finding all kinds of stuff on Vimeo recently. These guys in Japan are getting fast 'n' loose in this vid. I think the whole 'drifting' thing is just big in Japan no matter what your mode of transport. Not sure it makes you any faster in DH but it looks and feels good.

Ragley Carbon Carnegie’s Bar

I find myself strangely drawn to these bars. Maybe just because of their 'alternative-ness', maybe because they just look comfortable to me. I reckon they will look great in clear coat on the new hardtail (when I finally get around to it.) If the Kevlar wrap remains yellow then the new frame will have to be blue :)

Anyway, loads more info on these groovy looking bars here: http://www.singletracks.com/blog/mtb-repair/how-to-mountain-bike-wheel-buildi...