Woo and Yay!

A group night ride is on the cards tonight although everyone appears to be suffering to various degrees from Manflu(tm) so it looks like it might end up being a "pubandback" ride.

Still, Karl, Tom, Phil and I haven't been out for a ride together for ages. Spring must be in the air :)

The Results Are In!

Okay, the moment you have all been waiting for has arrived. After a hard slog on a very muddy course we had a:

2 laps in 2 hours from Karl (Well done mate!)
1 lap in 1h32m (And a well deserved last place for Daim)
and a Did Not Finish from Phil due to bike failure (Another broken mech hanger - Unbelievable!)

It was a great laugh though and as a first attempt at racing has taught us a lot!

Piccies to follow shortly!

The Race Day Cometh

So we are leaving my place at 7am tomorrow morning to get to Thetford for the race. The weather could be better but it should just be cloudy for the race although there is due to be heavy rain there overnight tonight to make things interesting. Here goes nothing!


It's been waaaay too cold and miserable to ride for the last few nights but looking forward to racing at Thetford on Sunday. We may have to get a cheeky local ride in before then though just to stretch our legs.

Night Riders

Went for a night ride to the Dirty Duck and back last night. The obligatory 'swift-pint' (or two) was consumed to keep the cold at bay. Chilly it was and the sky was incredibly clear. In fact, it was so cold that I think some water in my gear cables was beginning to freeze as shifting became sluggish. It was a great ride though. I think Phil needs to re-visit the tyre situation as I dont think he would have more tyre drag if he used caterpillar tracks. Tried to take some photos with Karl's camera phone of Karl trying to fix a puncture (damn that hawthorn) with Phils HID light behind him. There was so much steam rising from his back that he looked like he was about to ignite. I dont think they came out very well though. Planning to go out again on Wednesday night as we need all the training rides we can get for Thetford on Sunday.

All steamed up!

Sherwood Pines

Went riding at Sherwood Pines with Phil today. Covered a healthy 10 miles of singletrack in just under 2 hours. The weather was superb. Sunny and very mild with no wind. (Didn't stop us getting muddy though!)

Got some photos of Phil doing a jump:

Check out that winter sun. Yay!

Thetford Race

I cant believe that we are going to give this a go. Oh well, in for a penny and all that. Winter Series 3 it is then. Karl seems determined to get us all racing. Should be a laugh (for others!)