Daim's Super-Ghetto Tubeless System (Update)

I went out to 'kick the tyres' of Lucille yesterday and was amazed to find that both of her tyre pressures are still fine! I can't believe that some packing tape, some electrical tape and an old presta valve can do such a good job of sealing (with a little help from Stan's solution, of course).

I haven't touched Lucille since about mid-September so I reckon that makes it a pretty impressive setup to stay inflated since then. Since going super-ghetto I have not had a single puncture, snakebite or otherwise and certainly had no issues with the tyre rolling off the rim as some peeps have reported. The hardtail will be next!

Happy days.

I think I have found my next bike...

I love the look of the new Giant Faith, it's just so chunky. I'm also pretty sure it's not that much heavier than my 2009 Reign X either. Probably not the ideal trail bike for everyone but great if you don't mind pedalling a bit of extra weight. (Which I don't) It certainly looks like it will go anywhere and take a serious beating while it's there.