His Mojo Returneth... And That Right Soon.

Even whilst being ravaged by flu, I can feel the mojo starting to flow again. Not entirely sure where it went or why it left me for the best part of three months but left me it did. I have a pet theory that it may have had something to do with the fact that I neglected to give the new Lucille her naming ceremony. That oversight will be rectified over the Christmas period as the missus has found the spare name stickers. Anyway, it seems to be back again and feeling as strong as ever so as soon as I can shrug off this latest ailment I will be out getting cold and muddy again.

I've been looking everywhere for my mojo for the past few months. It would seem that the things you seek really do tend to find you when you least expect them to. I'm stoked. I'm sure Jon and Ben will also be mildly pleased. It's been too long guys.

In the meantime, have a butchers at these beauties I have been drooling over:

Ti sprung and uber-limited edition but I reckon they look the shizzle. I love my 'zocchi forks :)

David Beckham attacked for not wearing cycle helmet

Seriously? Does anyone really care that much about him? He's a big boy (figuratively speaking), I'm sure he can look after himself. Besides, a helmet would likely flatten his beautifully manicured mop. Much better to wear more fashionable if less protective headgear. It's good to see that his kids were wearing helmets though. He obviously cares more about their neurological health than his own. At the end of the day though, he's a footballer; if he did fall off his bike and bump his crown all that would be needed is for one of his entourage to run in with the 'magic sponge' and he would be all better again in a flash, just like on the pitch.

Full story here: http://www.metro.co.uk/news/806257-david-beckham-attacked-for-not-wearing-cyc...