arrgghh! (thorny issue)

Had the MOAP (mother-of-all-punctures) last night. Took me three attempts to fix it and ended up using a spare tube. Lesson learned there. Always use the new tube first! It looks like the latex sealant I was using in my tubes had not dried out but had lost the ability to dry and plug holes. Could have been due to the temperature which was near freezing. Can't really complain though. I have been running the JRA wheel milk in my tubes since September last year and this is the first time I have had to attend to a puncture since then.

Did I say four?

Make that six! Top ride on Thursday night with a bit of a Wafty Crankers vs. Pit Bikers thing going on with Rone and Rupert joining "guest rider" Tom.

Must do it again soon!

First of many?

Four of us are riding tonight! I can't remember the last time we managed that. Looks like it will be pleasantly warm but with the possibility of it being mildly moist (according to MetGuess).

The best bit is there is going to be a vote on which trail to ride. How exciting? We actually have a choice now that the Viking way is drying out a little. I'll admit it's not much of a choice (2 routes) but at least we have one.

Spring is on the way!

Had a couple of sweet rides last weekend; sunny days but squelchy trails at the moment though. Just hoping that the recent sun holds out long enough to dry them out and make them fun again.

You can tell it's spring for 2 reasons:

1. Karl and I have decided to make Wednesday mornings "get-up-for-a-sneaky-ride-before-work" day. First one tomorrow morning and I must say, I am looking forward to it. Nothing like riding and watching the sun rise. We are leaving my place at 06:00 (sharp!) with sunrise around 06:30 which should give us an hour of daylight riding before I need to be back.

2. Tom is starting to actually ride his bike and is asking about evening rides again. I am not saying he is a fair-weather cyclist or anything but he is definitely a fair-weather cyclist.

Dusty trails in winter?

I have been out for no less than three rides this week. (Sunday afternoon on my own and then Tuesday and Thursday evenings with Phil) Incredibly we have had bone-dry, dusty trails, unheard of this time of year in these parts. 

I know I have been ranting recently about the state of the Viking Way but the sustained strong winds over the last week seem to have performed a miracle and completely dried it out to the point where you can get a really good lick of speed on now making it all fun again.

Some rain forecast for this weekend, hopefully it won't make it all too soggy again. I will certainly be out there making the most of it while it last though.


Messy, Messy, Messy!

Went for a ride out in the Vale with Phil today. The rain held off but to make up for it the wind was howling and it was still muddier than a muddy thing in monsoon season. Phil accepted my challenge to ride the Viking Way from Brewers Grave to Longmore Bridge without dabbing a foot. To be honest, he faired better than I had anticipated and made it with only 2 dabs and a complete off, covering his back and Camelbak in lovely gloopy mud. Respect for attempting it though, I have never been anywhere near that successful.

Daim leaps onto his soapbox
The enduro bikes and 'crossers have done a great job of rendering the Viking Way pretty much unrideable now for a Bridle Way. I would imagine that it would be difficult at the moment on horseback and I am sure you wouldn't want to attempt it on foot. It just goes to show that you can pass all the laws you want to and put up any number of signs stating, "No Motor Vehicles" but unless it is actually policed it amounts to nothing. It is a damn shame as if it was only used by MTB'ers, horses and walkers it would be there for them to enjoy instead of being a rutted quagmire.
Daim dismounts soapbox

Huckin' it big at Pines

Had some fun at Sherwood Pines with Karl and Phil yesterday. Along with riding some muddy singletrack through the forest we hada play at the jump park for a while. Got a couple of fairly decent shots as well.

Karl going big

Phil going bigger!

Mud, Glorious Mud!

It's muddy out there folks! Never mind, as someone keeps reminding us, we are an island with island weather and there is no such thing as bad weather just bad clothes. So I say, just get out there and revel in it. When you get home, hose down your baby, get inside and warm up again with a nice cuppa tea. As Gordon Ramsay would say, "Muddy winter ride... Done!"

Mud is fun so get out there.

What more motivation do you need?