Google Wave - Mountain Bikers Public Wave

A public wave has been set up on Google Wave for discussion and posting of all things MTB. If you are new to Wave, you can access and follow this wave by typing the following into your search bar (at the top of the left hand panel)

with:public "Calling all mountain bikers"

Once you get your results back, you can follow the wave and add yourself to it and begin to post. There are currently 54 users on this wave and it seems to be growing by the day. Thanks to @trialsoflife for setting it up!

Build a Cheap Free-Standing Bike Repair Stand with Pipes - Repair - Lifehacker

If you checked out the bike repair stand we shared with you earlier this month and were disappointed because you don't have a sturdy enough ceiling to attach it to, you'll want to check out this free-standing design.

Whether you're living in an apartment or you just don't want to permanently attach anything to your garage rafters, this design lets you work on your bike anywhere you want without having to screw it into a support structure.

Using basic off the shelf parts from your local hardware store and its plumbing aisle, you can make a sturdy bike repair stand. Check out the video below to see the construction process and the stand in action:

For a guide a little easier to follow when you're working on the stand, you can download the PDF instruction from Make Magazine here. Have a DIY bike-related hack or project to share? Let's hear about it in the comments.

Send an email to Jason Fitzpatrick, the author of this post, at

A credit crunch special on Lifehacker.

ProTonLocks Magnetic Pedals: Review

These look like a pretty interesting concept. The best of both worlds? They will have to be some pretty strong magnets. If you have ever taken a computer hard disk apart you will know that rare earth magnets are ridiculously strong so it's entirely possible.

They could be a winner for muddy UK conditions!

First ride with my DX light « Singletrack Forum

Just a quick post to add fuel to the DX bike light fire. I know that trout and others have covered it in depth but just wanted to share my very positive experiences so far.

- 11 days from ordering to delivery (Postal strikes I imagine.)
- Very impressed with the build quality. Feels like it should cost way more.
- High power definitely feels brighter than my old Lupine Edison 5.
- Low power seems more than adequate for easy trail riding. I can just make out the strobe effect that people have mentioned but it is very slight and it doesn't irritate me in the slightest.
- I must have one of the new LED's as there is no green tint at all. The light it emits is very white but not glaring unless riding on crushed white stone canal tow path. Then it is very glaring on full power.
- Handlebar clamp is simple and effective (same as Lupine Edison) As is the battery bag.
- I can see that the battery will need to be waterproofed in some way for winter riding. Any ideas from anyone on that front?
- No idea about longevity yet (obviously) but last night's ride has certainly instilled confidence in it.

Overall, mightily impressed. More than enough light for me even on fast technical descents. When combined with a Fenix L2D Q5 on my head it's a great combo for less than £100.

It's still running fine. I did the 2009 D2D on it with no problems. Plenty of light! I stil haven't waterproofed the battery, I really should get that done.