Back in the saddle again

Been out for a couple of pleasant rides while dodging the worst of the recent showery weather. The shoulder injury appears to be pretty much better now so here's hoping summer does actually arrive and I can get back to plenty of regular weekend and evening riding!


Had a blast last weekend at Swinley Forest in Berkshire. Rode Saturday and Sunday and got a tour of some of the best bits on Saturday by one of the locals. Even after riding there for about eight hours over the two days I feel that I have only really scratched the surface as ther are so many great trails there, most of them not published on maps. I got to ride all of the downhill trails from Surrey Hill several times, no idea what their names are but things like Labyrinth, Babymaker and Rollercoaster were banded about and also had a great time in Jump Gully honing my jump skills on the purpose built hip jumps, table top and double.

I can't help thinking that Swinley Forest has the kind of riding that Sherwood Pines could easily have if only it stopped concentrating on building "family" trails which are just not needed there. (What is wrong with the fire roads?) I know they do some trail building there but it seems to be sporadic at best. There used to be the Dual Descender which had to be closed due to some find of great archaeological importance or something and we were promised a new one. Well where is it? It certainly didn't exist last time I was there!  

In the meantime I am now in the bizarre position of looking forward to going down to stay with the Mother-in-Law again for another thrash around Swinley.

Oh, and that's a bad miss...

'Ouch' is Daim's word of the week. Went out for a ride with Dave on Tuesday evening and lost it big-time on the evil lower section of the Viking Way from Brewers Grave. A deep rut obscured by long grass and what could be considered over confident, excessive speed resulted in me getting catapulted over the bars at full-tilt. 

This unplanned, high speed, extra-bike excursion resulted in a dislocated left shoulder and plenty of gravel rash on my right side but nothing too serious really. The shoulder popped back in before I had even managed to get back on my feet and after brushng myself down and picking Lucille up to make sure she was okay (she was) I rode home. 

Some body armour might be a good idea going forward as it would have prevented most of the gravel rash but not the dislocated shoulder. 

This section of the Viking Way has now claimed Karl, Phil and now myself. Those ruts are killers.

Play safe.


...pretty much sums up the recent riding activity. I really need to start getting out more but am repeatedly overtaken by events. 

Best ride recently has been north on the Viking Way from the canal up to Barkston and then back down into Grantham again from Belton. It was around 30 miles from my place, nothing too challenging (apart from Minnetts Hill coming out of Barkston which pwn3d me to say the least!) but lots of fun fighting our way across some overgrown fields in damp conditions.

I am riding at Swinley Forest in Berkshire this weekend, hopefully meeting up with some fellas from the forum. Should be a good laugh. 

Right, gotta go now if I am riding tonight!

No blogging. ...Just riding!

Not blogged in a while now. Too busy riding! Been on some great local rides recently as the trails have all been dusty and tons o' fun. Saturday was a 40+ miler taking in the Biking Way and the Jubilee Way. Saw several other serious riders while I was out there too. Since Saturday though it has done nothing but rain here so I dare say the trails will be a tad muddy for the foreseeable. Maybe I should put my winter tyres back on? Nah. I am going to be optimistic and hope that the sun comes out again and dries them all out again for the weekend.


I really thought I had frostbite in my toes last night. I can honestly say that I have never got as wet and as cold on a ride before.

The weather for the weekend doesn't look much better so the G2 Revolver NightRider event at Sherwood Pines should be a pretty damp and chillly one. I will be taking every bit of MTB clothing I have in a bid to survive it. 

Cream cheese SRAM jockey wheels

Nearly didn't get to ride last night after I had another lower jockey weheel bearing seize up on me. Luckily I have another bike with an X9 rear mech that I 'borrowed' from to go riding last night. I have ordered a replacement stainless steel 6801-2RS bearing for the Jockey wheel (as the wheel itself is barely worn at all). I just hope that this stainless steel one lasts better than the standard ones which are terrible. 

Good ride in the end. The Viking Way is not nearly as muddy as it has been recently and the weather was milder than of late. 

Is it wrong... name your bike?

My Giant Reign X0 is called 'Lucille' as I think it suits 'her' curvy looks.

Karl thinks it is just plain wrong and thought that if I really had to name my bike I should have called it 'Andre' (obviously!)

Am I wrong?


Riding tonight

Looks like me and Phil should get away with some half decent weather to have a blast down the cheeky private road trail tonight. Should be muddy but fun!

G2Revolver - NightRider

So it looks like me, Tom, Rone and Rupert are entering the G2 Revolver NightRider on April 19th at Sherwood Pines. Tom reckons I need to average 18mph for 2 laps. I think he may be a little optimistic. Not sure I could average 18mph downhill but will give it my best shot. 

Right, where did I put those carbs?