Lucille is back!

Lucille has undergone a "regeneration" as Doctor Who would call it. She has returned as a 2009 Reign X (a time jump of some 2 years!) and looks and rides sweeter than ever.

Just in time for the spring weather. Happy days.

Photos coming soon.

Poor Lucille...

Lucille has been the victim of neglect and shoddy maintenance if you believe the folks in charge of warranty. Anyone who knows me will surely know that is complete poppycock.

Collapsed bearings have caused some nasty frame damage and I am not sure what the final outcome will be but I'm afraid it's not looking too good at the moment even though she is so young and well within her warranty period. 

There is a hint of spring in the air and I am without my beloved Lucille. I am not a happy bunny. It's hardtail all the way for me for now. 

It's all in the hands of the Gods for the moment (I say Gods, I mean the proles in charge of my warranty claim.) 

Fingers crossed everyone!


Too much snow for any riding recently. Had to get out for a quick plat in it though, riding in snow is always fun but not over large distances. I hurt my foot on Thursday though, slipped on some ice, thought nothing of it. A few hours later I was in agony. X-ray shows nothing broken but can't walk on it for at least four days - that means no riding as well. Gutted. Oh well, I should be fit again by the time the snow has gone and can get some decent rides in. Looking forward to a trip over to Pines soon!


Rode the Viking Way from Buckminster back to Grantham yesterday. Well, I say "rode" what I actaully did was a lot of walking as it is just a complete mess at the moment. I did see a huge 4x4 break his steering though which made me chuckle. Looked very expensive. Although it was a chance to get out on the bike, in retrospect I should have know it was going to be pretty much unrideable. Will have to seek out some more trails for the winter methinks.

D2D 2008

Just entered Dusk 'Til Dawn 2008 ...solo! (I must be mad.) Pretty excited about it though. Jon is also entering solo this year. I have no idea how many laps I will be able to complete in the 12 hours but I am pretty sure I won't be finishing in the top 10 so any whiff this years prize purse is seriously unlikely.

I will be looking to raise money for charity this year with sponsorship money going to Epilepsy Action so that will be an incentive to go for as many laps as possible! - More news on that soon.