Oh, and that's a bad miss...

'Ouch' is Daim's word of the week. Went out for a ride with Dave on Tuesday evening and lost it big-time on the evil lower section of the Viking Way from Brewers Grave. A deep rut obscured by long grass and what could be considered over confident, excessive speed resulted in me getting catapulted over the bars at full-tilt. 

This unplanned, high speed, extra-bike excursion resulted in a dislocated left shoulder and plenty of gravel rash on my right side but nothing too serious really. The shoulder popped back in before I had even managed to get back on my feet and after brushng myself down and picking Lucille up to make sure she was okay (she was) I rode home. 

Some body armour might be a good idea going forward as it would have prevented most of the gravel rash but not the dislocated shoulder. 

This section of the Viking Way has now claimed Karl, Phil and now myself. Those ruts are killers.

Play safe.