Night Riders

Went for a night ride to the Dirty Duck and back last night. The obligatory 'swift-pint' (or two) was consumed to keep the cold at bay. Chilly it was and the sky was incredibly clear. In fact, it was so cold that I think some water in my gear cables was beginning to freeze as shifting became sluggish. It was a great ride though. I think Phil needs to re-visit the tyre situation as I dont think he would have more tyre drag if he used caterpillar tracks. Tried to take some photos with Karl's camera phone of Karl trying to fix a puncture (damn that hawthorn) with Phils HID light behind him. There was so much steam rising from his back that he looked like he was about to ignite. I dont think they came out very well though. Planning to go out again on Wednesday night as we need all the training rides we can get for Thetford on Sunday.

All steamed up!